Introduction to Effects on Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Effect on bathroom wall tiles is an alternative term for design. The reason why the word effect is used instead of design is owing to its limited implication. Design includes everything from size to colour to pattern and the overall layout of the tiles. Effect is confined to the kind of visual attribute a tile has and this excludes colour. Here are the common types of effects available for bathroom wall tiles. Continue reading “Introduction to Effects on Bathroom Wall Tiles”

The Difference between Kitchen Wall Tiles for Dados and Backsplashes

Kitchen Wall Tiles

There are two types of kitchen wall tiles. One is the customary backsplash. This goes straight against the wall above your countertop. This backsplash can be confined to the space of the wall along the portion of the countertop taken by your oven or stove. It may stretch sideways and upwards as you deem fit. The other type of kitchen wall tiles is a dado. This is not very different from the kind you may choose for your bathrooms or other areas. Dado is not a backsplash, not technically at least. A dado can be simply decorative. It may also serve as the backsplash. Dados are also utilitarian in most cases. They are not merely for aesthetic enhancements. Continue reading “The Difference between Kitchen Wall Tiles for Dados and Backsplashes”

Explore these Types of Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Kitchen wall tiles can be categorised in many ways. The type of material is an obvious classifier, the cost is a factor and then there are subjective elements such as design, colour and size, all of which are assessed based on the personal preferences of homeowners. Beyond these usual classifiers there is a need to delve into other technicalities of kitchen wall tiles. Only then can a homeowner truly pick the best backsplash or kitchen wall tiles. Continue reading “Explore these Types of Kitchen Wall Tiles”

Should you invest in Stone Floor Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles

Stone floor tiles are not a conventional choice. Stone was the default choice for flooring in ancient castles, just as it was one of the primary building materials for some of the most majestic properties all around the world. For all practical and crafting purposes, wood tiles became more popular. It was and still is much easier to work with wood, especially when it comes to different shapes, sizes or designs, than to weave some magic with stone. Temperate and frigid zones don’t favour stone floor tiles either. Stone can get hot and cold and it doesn’t have the comfort promised by wood. However, all that has changed in recent years. Stone floor tiles have become popular for a myriad of reasons. Here are some of them. Continue reading “Should you invest in Stone Floor Tiles?”

Choose Mosaic Tiles based on the Specific Purpose


Mosaic tiles come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and patterns. There can be various types of artworks embedded in the mosaic. The artwork could be an image, the mosaic could be hand painted or there can be some magic weaved into the mosaic during the manufacturing process, as is common for different types of glass mosaics. Regardless of what your personal preference is and the budget you have set aside, you should choose mosaic tiles based on the specific purpose. This is a stringent criterion. Continue reading “Choose Mosaic Tiles based on the Specific Purpose”

Comparing the Properties of Ceramic and Vitrified Kitchen Tiles

When you look at ceramic and vitrified kitchen tiles side by side, the former will appear to be more natural than the latter. There will be a difference in their prices as well. However, there are many more attributes that you should look into than just the appearance and cost. Here is a comprehensive guide discussing the properties of ceramic and vitrified kitchen tiles. Continue reading “Comparing the Properties of Ceramic and Vitrified Kitchen Tiles”

Types of Compositions of Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaic tiles, also referred to as tesserae, are a popular material for flooring and backsplashes. They were also popular as ceiling art and later street art but these trends are no longer in vogue. Mosaic tiles, like other types of tiles, come in a plethora of colours, sizes and shapes, styles and of course compositions. The manufacturing method depends on the primary materials and the chemical composition. Mosaic tiles can also be natural. However, even those that are found in nature are worked on to alter shapes, sizes, perhaps compositions and to accomplish a certain level of aesthetic appeal. Continue reading “Types of Compositions of Mosaic Tiles”

The importance of tiles


The importance of tiles is there is a lot of issues that can sometimes happen when you run into those problems.

It’s vital that you get a good company to try and help you, but if you’re unable to realise what there is to do, then you’re going to have trouble finding a good company. This is essential to understand because there are a lot of places that don’t have that same level of understanding, but assuming you’re able to find them, then you can go in the right direction and try and discover the truth about what you want from a top to bottom perspective. Continue reading “The importance of tiles”

Don’t Replace, Upgrade your Floor Tiles

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Floor tiles are durable. They should last decades. In the event a tile or two gets damaged and needs to be replaced, you don’t have to consider an upgrade. However, if there are several floor tiles that are damaged, then you should consider an overhaul. Of course, there is a caveat. You would not want to upgrade floor tiles that are barely some months or a few years old. This only applies to worn out or old floor tiles. Continue reading “Don’t Replace, Upgrade your Floor Tiles”

Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles

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You cannot choose kitchen tiles using the same set of parameters that you would rely on for floor tiles in the living room, bedroom, study or home office among other areas. Kitchens have a specific type of environment, quite distinct from other parts of a house. Hence, you have to imperatively consider the challenges that the kitchen tiles will have to endure and overcome. Continue reading “Why is Ceramic the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Tiles”