Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles


Glass mosaic tiles are stylish. They are more appealing than all types of ceramic tiles. The visual aesthetic is the primary reason why many homeowners choose glass tiles. Some homeowners are unable to go for glass tiled flooring for obvious reasons. Some homeowners are unable to budget for glass tiles for entire walls, so they opt for highlights. Glass tiles do not have to be used on a large scale to have the desired accentuation. Sporadic but smart use of glass mosaic tiles can look amazing. You may go for wall murals or you can simply go for borders and other types of accents using glass tiles. There are many benefits of glass mosaic tiles beyond the visual appeal. Let us explore a few. Continue reading “Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles”

Add Zing to your Home with Glass Mosaic Tiles

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More than anything else, tiles are supposed to be utilitarian. They should be sturdy and durable. They must be suitable for a given area where you wish to install them. Tiles should be easy to clean and maintain. This is regardless of where you install them. Mosaic tiles are a popular choice across the world. They are durable and purposeful. An additional advantage of mosaic tiles is the plethora of designs. It is quite possible you will fail to find a truly unique ceramic tile. It is rather easy to shop for unique mosaic tiles. You can also opt for bespoke mosaic tiles if you want. Continue reading “Add Zing to your Home with Glass Mosaic Tiles”

Everything you need to know about Glass Kitchen Tiles

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Glass tiles are exactly what they are named as. Porcelain is a type of ceramic. What we know as ceramic tile actually has many variants. There is not a single composition that gets the tag of ceramic. This also applies to glass tiles but only to an extent. Glass tiles are actually glass used in pieces of varying sizes or of uniform shapes. They can have varying thickness. Different types of glass may be used on a certain type of tile. The foundation of glass tile is another material. Glass does not serve as the base. It is only a topping that is set on a mesh. The base tile can be ceramic or porcelain. It may also be stone in some cases. Ceramic is usually the base tile as it is affordable and durable. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about Glass Kitchen Tiles”

Choose the Right Kind of Ceramic kitchen tiles

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Ceramic is the most common type of kitchen tiles. It is the most popular owing to its price. Given its popularity and how widespread as well as multipurpose it is, there is no dearth of styles, designs, patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles are widely available and installers too are aplenty. These tiles are not only used in kitchens but also in bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms. Continue reading “Choose the Right Kind of Ceramic kitchen tiles

Understand the Antiskid Attribute or Slip Resistance of Floor Tiles

Most attributes of floor tiles do not have binaries. You would find it difficult to classify tiles as porous and nonporous. This is because there are varying levels of porosity. Likewise, it is not easy to call a tile hard or soft as it will have a certain degree of hardness. It can be classified in any of the five groups of hardness, which is widely accepted by the industry and consumers. The antiskid attribute or slip resistance of floor tiles is similar. You cannot call a tile slippery or completely slip resistant. The attribute will vary in its efficacy depending on the material, size, treatment and installation. Let us explore the antiskid attribute or slip resistance of floor tiles. Continue reading “Understand the Antiskid Attribute or Slip Resistance of Floor Tiles”

Types Of kitchen wall tiles For Your Backsplash

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Think of the backsplash as the cornerstone of the design for your kitchen. To that end, make sure you are keenly aware of the different types of kitchen wall tiles that are available to you. While stone is a popular option, understand that this is not the only choice that is available to you. If you are eager to do something that is truly unique with your kitchen, then make it a point to learn more about your choices. Continue reading “Types Of kitchen wall tiles For Your Backsplash”


If you’re talking about tiles, there are all sorts of tiles that can inspire confidence in that sort of company. This is something that so many people get confused about, but in order to assure themselves that they’re doing something properly, then it requires a lot of people to pay attention. This is why so many people are caught up in the situation, but being unable to see tiles, it means that they are going to run out of those problems, but there are so many individuals in the movement that can’t contemplate what it is that they’re doing. There are a multiple individuals that are caught up in those kinds of situations. Continue reading “Tiles”

Introduction to Effects on Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Effect on bathroom wall tiles is an alternative term for design. The reason why the word effect is used instead of design is owing to its limited implication. Design includes everything from size to colour to pattern and the overall layout of the tiles. Effect is confined to the kind of visual attribute a tile has and this excludes colour. Here are the common types of effects available for bathroom wall tiles. Continue reading “Introduction to Effects on Bathroom Wall Tiles”

The Difference between Kitchen Wall Tiles for Dados and Backsplashes

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There are two types of kitchen wall tiles. One is the customary backsplash. This goes straight against the wall above your countertop. This backsplash can be confined to the space of the wall along the portion of the countertop taken by your oven or stove. It may stretch sideways and upwards as you deem fit. The other type of kitchen wall tiles is a dado. This is not very different from the kind you may choose for your bathrooms or other areas. Dado is not a backsplash, not technically at least. A dado can be simply decorative. It may also serve as the backsplash. Dados are also utilitarian in most cases. They are not merely for aesthetic enhancements. Continue reading “The Difference between Kitchen Wall Tiles for Dados and Backsplashes”

Explore these Types of Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Kitchen wall tiles can be categorised in many ways. The type of material is an obvious classifier, the cost is a factor and then there are subjective elements such as design, colour and size, all of which are assessed based on the personal preferences of homeowners. Beyond these usual classifiers there is a need to delve into other technicalities of kitchen wall tiles. Only then can a homeowner truly pick the best backsplash or kitchen wall tiles. Continue reading “Explore these Types of Kitchen Wall Tiles”