Explore the Best Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom TilesThere are many types of bathroom tiles you can choose from. The bathroom tiles for the floor will be different from the dados or the bathroom wall tiles. The tiles for the shower area could be different from the rest of the bathroom or you may choose to have the same dado throughout. Dry and wet areas may be segregated in a bathroom in which case non-slip and normal bathroom tiles can be used in a combination. Ideally, you should have non-slip bathroom tiles, even if there is a substantial area that is meant to be dry. You cannot ensure there will be no spillage or any water seeping out to the expected to be dry area. Nonslip bathroom tile is the safest option.

When it comes to materials, ceramic is the default choice for bathroom tiles for most homeowners. Ceramic bathroom tiles are aesthetic, they are durable and more importantly they are affordable. There are vitreous, non-vitreous and rectified ceramic bathroom tiles. You can compare the pros and cons to choose a variant. You may also consider alternatives. Should budget be not a stringent concern, then you should consider porcelain bathroom tiles. Of all the materials that you can consider, porcelain makes for the strongest bathroom tiles. Very few materials known to man are as moisture resistant as porcelain. The material will almost never break, even if you are not meticulous at all. You can use porcelain bathroom tiles for the flooring and the walls. You can also use porcelain bathroom tiles as the foundation for the bathtub, whirlpool tub or shower area. Porcelain is much harder than ceramic, and it would have no trouble whatsoever to bear considerable weight. Porcelain bathroom tiles can outlive humans.

Bathroom TilesAffordability will be an issue with porcelain. If you don’t like ceramic and if you cannot afford porcelain bathroom tiles, then you can go for concrete looks in tile. Concrete always looks sober. It has an aesthetic appeal and can blend in with any kind of overall design and lighting you may have planned. If you don’t like concrete then you can go for reclaimed or distressed looks. Metallic finish on bathroom tiles can make for an amazing ambience. You may also go for brick look or subway look. Many homeowners prefer hexagon bathroom tiles these days as opposed to the rectangular or square blocks. Polygonal shapes will always add a distinct character to the bathroom, be it the floor or the walls.

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