Introduction to Effects on Bathroom Wall Tiles

Effect on bathroom wall tiles is an alternative term for design. The reason why the word effect is used instead of design is owing to its limited implication. Design includes everything from size to colour to pattern and the overall layout of the tiles. Effect is confined to the kind of visual attribute a tile has and this excludes colour. Here are the common types of effects available for bathroom wall tiles.

• The first is of course designer effects. These are usually style statements of respective brands or manufacturers. Designer bathroom wall tiles are among the most expensive, as far as effects are considered. They are not basic but not always unnecessary. Some designer effects are truly amazing and they can not only make a bathroom look indelibly impressive but can also have a substantial impact on value appreciation of the property. Many people opt for statements or designer effects while remodeling their properties before listing them for sale, just to get the value appreciated and to generate a higher return on their investment.

• The two most popular and relatively affordable effects on bathroom wall tiles are stone and brick. You cannot consider wood style or design as it is only suitable as bathroom floor tiles. Patterned tiles are also very popular. It should be noted that brick effect will only work on walls but patterned and stone effects work just as well on floors. As a matter of fact, most manufacturers don’t make any exclusive stone or patterned design for wall tiles or floor files. The same designs can work just as well for bathroom walls and floors. This is also true for hexagonal and geometric tiles. Concrete effect will also work on floors and walls. Whether you would opt for the same effect on the walls and on the floor is absolutely your choice. At times a homogenous mix works best but some bathrooms look better with contrasting effects. For instance, brick effect on bathroom wall tiles and wood effect on bathroom floor tiles can look really nice.

Cost will always be a major factor while choosing effects. The impact of effects or designs is primarily aesthetic or visual and then there is an influence on property value appreciation. The latter may not be enough in every scenario to justify an increased budget. Weigh the pros and cons to choose the effect that satiates the aesthetic requirement and the budget.

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