Choose the Right Kind of Ceramic kitchen tiles

Ceramic is the most common type of kitchen tiles. It is the most popular owing to its price. Given its popularity and how widespread as well as multipurpose it is, there is no dearth of styles, designs, patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles are widely available and installers too are aplenty. These tiles are not only used in kitchens but also in bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms.

Ceramic is not just one type of tile as there are many subtypes and variants. Technically, ceramic is a mix of minerals that are blended with water and heated at substantially high temperatures. The most important constituent of ceramic is clay. The proportion of clay used determines the particular variant and its grade. Ceramic has some specific pros and cons pertaining to its composition. The demerits or shortcomings of the composition are often overcome with certain treatments. Some of these treatments are an integral part of the manufacturing process while others are post facto enhancements. For instance, glazing is a treatment that is applied after the ceramic tile has been produced.

You have to choose glazed ceramic tiles for your kitchen. The treatment of glazing involves applying a coating of liquid glass on a ceramic tile and firing it again. This additional exposure to equally high temperatures, or close, as the first time leads to really hard tiles with a surface that is resistant to scratch and stain. You need glazed kitchen tiles because scratches and stains are unavoidable. Unglazed ceramic tiles, often called quarry tiles, are suitable for some places but not in the kitchen. You can choose ceramic for your kitchen floor, backsplash or wall tile and for dados around all the walls. Avoid using ceramic tile for the kitchen counter top.

The affordability of ceramic kitchen tiles is further complemented by its durability. There are so many options that you can get close to having a truly unique kitchen. No one in your neighbourhood may have the particular design, pattern, style or colour of the tile you can choose. You should go for mass produced ceramic tiles as artsy types or handmade ones are costly. If you have a commercial kitchen, you should avoid using ceramic tiles. Commercial kitchens are high impact and heavy traffic areas. You need harder tiles than ceramic.

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