Everything you need to know about Glass Kitchen Tiles

Glass tiles are exactly what they are named as. Porcelain is a type of ceramic. What we know as ceramic tile actually has many variants. There is not a single composition that gets the tag of ceramic. This also applies to glass tiles but only to an extent. Glass tiles are actually glass used in pieces of varying sizes or of uniform shapes. They can have varying thickness. Different types of glass may be used on a certain type of tile. The foundation of glass tile is another material. Glass does not serve as the base. It is only a topping that is set on a mesh. The base tile can be ceramic or porcelain. It may also be stone in some cases. Ceramic is usually the base tile as it is affordable and durable.

Glass is a fragile material. We are not talking about glass that is bullet proof or the type used on a sky bridge. Glass used on tiles is considerably weaker but the mesh backing and the base tile ensures the material is not fragile. It would not break upon touching or mild impact. If you are considering glass for your kitchen tiles, then you must restrict them to the backsplash or walls. Only a few types of glass tiles are suitable for flooring. These types of glass tiles can be quite expensive. You would not normally come across such floors in houses or even at commercial places. Glass kitchen tiles on the walls or as backsplashes can be an awesome choice. The splendour of such tiles can create a completely different vibe or ambience in the kitchen.

The problem with glass kitchen tiles is the cost. The least you would be paying is ten to fifteen pounds per square foot. You may have to pay well over fifty pounds per square foot for some worthwhile designs. You would find glass kitchen tiles being confined to only a few spots on the wall or backsplash. They are often used as highlights. A whole wall or an entire backsplash, a complete floor or large parts of any area being considered for glass tiles is an expensive proposition. Glass is very easy to clean and maintain, which is why it is suitable as a backsplash. Glass kitchen tiles are colourful and reflective. They would make a kitchen look brighter as they reflect the light. You should not attempt to install glass tiles on your own as the adhesive may be unpleasantly visible through the glass.

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