Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are stylish. They are more appealing than all types of ceramic tiles. The visual aesthetic is the primary reason why many homeowners choose glass tiles. Some homeowners are unable to go for glass tiled flooring for obvious reasons. Some homeowners are unable to budget for glass tiles for entire walls, so they opt for highlights. Glass tiles do not have to be used on a large scale to have the desired accentuation. Sporadic but smart use of glass mosaic tiles can look amazing. You may go for wall murals or you can simply go for borders and other types of accents using glass tiles. There are many benefits of glass mosaic tiles beyond the visual appeal. Let us explore a few.

• Glass is a durable material. After you have installed the small pieces of glass and adhered them firmly onto a base tile, the material is not fragile. In fact, the glass used in tiles is not the same as you would imagine in fragile glassware or even mirrors. Glasses used in tiles are denser and stronger, so you do not have to worry about whether they would stand the test of time. Unless something goes wrong during the installation, you can easily have your glass tiles last decades.

• Glass is a naturally nonporous material. You do not have to worry about moisture or water. You can spill water on glass mosaic tiles and they would not absorb any moisture at all. Ceramic tiles are classified into five categories based on porosity. Glass tiles do not need such classification because they are nonporous. The nonporous attribute is not only relevant because you may consider such tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. The nonporous characteristic also eases cleaning and maintenance. Glass tiles do not need any special treatment over the years. You can simply wipe up and down to clean the dust off the surface. Use a soft cloth. Do not use water or cleaning agents unless there is any rigid stain. Even oils can come off glass tiles with a simple wipe.

• Glass is resistant to mould. You do not have to worry about mould and mildew with glass tiles, even if the installation is the dampest part of your home. Glass is also naturally hypoallergenic. You can use mild detergent or cleaning agent if there is some serious grime build-up. Grime build-up, if at all, will be confined to grouts. Glass has no air holes on the surface so grime build-up on the surface of mosaic tiles is not possible.

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