Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles


Glass mosaic tiles are stylish. They are more appealing than all types of ceramic tiles. The visual aesthetic is the primary reason why many homeowners choose glass tiles. Some homeowners are unable to go for glass tiled flooring for obvious reasons. Some homeowners are unable to budget for glass tiles for entire walls, so they opt for highlights. Glass tiles do not have to be used on a large scale to have the desired accentuation. Sporadic but smart use of glass mosaic tiles can look amazing. You may go for wall murals or you can simply go for borders and other types of accents using glass tiles. There are many benefits of glass mosaic tiles beyond the visual appeal. Let us explore a few. Continue reading “Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles”

Add Zing to your Home with Glass Mosaic Tiles

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More than anything else, tiles are supposed to be utilitarian. They should be sturdy and durable. They must be suitable for a given area where you wish to install them. Tiles should be easy to clean and maintain. This is regardless of where you install them. Mosaic tiles are a popular choice across the world. They are durable and purposeful. An additional advantage of mosaic tiles is the plethora of designs. It is quite possible you will fail to find a truly unique ceramic tile. It is rather easy to shop for unique mosaic tiles. You can also opt for bespoke mosaic tiles if you want. Continue reading “Add Zing to your Home with Glass Mosaic Tiles”

Choose Mosaic Tiles based on the Specific Purpose


Mosaic tiles come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and patterns. There can be various types of artworks embedded in the mosaic. The artwork could be an image, the mosaic could be hand painted or there can be some magic weaved into the mosaic during the manufacturing process, as is common for different types of glass mosaics. Regardless of what your personal preference is and the budget you have set aside, you should choose mosaic tiles based on the specific purpose. This is a stringent criterion. Continue reading “Choose Mosaic Tiles based on the Specific Purpose”

Types of Compositions of Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaic tiles, also referred to as tesserae, are a popular material for flooring and backsplashes. They were also popular as ceiling art and later street art but these trends are no longer in vogue. Mosaic tiles, like other types of tiles, come in a plethora of colours, sizes and shapes, styles and of course compositions. The manufacturing method depends on the primary materials and the chemical composition. Mosaic tiles can also be natural. However, even those that are found in nature are worked on to alter shapes, sizes, perhaps compositions and to accomplish a certain level of aesthetic appeal. Continue reading “Types of Compositions of Mosaic Tiles”